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How do I forward my Feedburner feed to Transistor?

Step 1: Log in to FeedBurner

Go to

Find the feed you want to redirect to Transistor.

Step 2: Click "Edit Feed Details"

Next, we need to ensure that Feedburner knows about your Transistor feed.

Inside the "Edit Feed" menu, make sure your Transistor RSS feed is listed in the "Original Feed" section:

Once you've made your changes, click "Save Feed Details."

Step 3: Click "Delete Feed"

Now that we've made those changes, we're going to click "Delete Feed" and enable a permanent redirect.

Check the box that says "With permanent redirection." This will permanent forward and podcast traffic back to your Transistor RSS feed.

Now click "Delete Feed" (this will feel scary, but it's OK!)

Finally, back in your main screen, your feed should now say it's been permanently redirecting to the source feed (in your case, your Transistor RSS feed).

Updated on: 24/03/2021

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