Can I change my podcast's name?

Can I change the name or title of my podcast?

Yes! You can change the name of your podcast!

Simply go to the Settings tab for your podcast
In the Podcast Title field edit your podcast name
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes button

Can I change my RSS feed URL?

If you have changed the name of your podcast, you may also want to change the RSS feed URL to match.

To change your RSS feed:

Go to the Settings tab for your podcast
Then click the RSS Feed section in the navigation
In the Change your RSS Feed URL field edit your podcast feed
Click on the Save Changes button

What does it affect?

Changing your podcast name doesn't affect anything. It will update in Transistor immediately.
Other podcast platforms may take up to 24 hours to pick up your podcast name change.

However, changing your RSS feed URL does have an impact. Transistor will automatically create a redirect from your old feed name to your new feed name. This redirect means there is no impact for existing subscribers who are still using the old RSS feed name. They do not need to resubscribe to the new feed name.

Most podcast platforms will also be able to follow this redirect and continue to pick up new episodes. However you may want to consider updating podcast directories with your newest feed. Especially if you have gone through several name changes and you have multiple redirects in place.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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