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How do I setup Google Analytics in my Transistor account?

Adding your Google Analytics ID to your Transistor Account

For public podcasts, you can add your Google Analytics ID in the Integrations tab.

Click on Configure Web Analytics to reveal the entry fields for Fathom and Google.

Integrations Tab
Enter your Google Analytics ID in the corresponding field.
For this, you will need the Measurement ID, which starts with G- followed by numbers. (Click here for more details)

Select which features you would like to enable tracking on - Website, Embeds, and Sharing Pages.
Click Save Changes.

Configure Web Analytics
Depending on your selections, this will track the number of views your podcast website, embedded podcast players, and social sharing pages are getting.
You can also enter separate tracking IDs for your website and your embeds and sharing pages by clicking the blue hyperlink titled I want to enter different tracking IDs for embeds and sharing pages.

Separate Tracking IDs
Please note: Google Analytics measures web page and website traffic and does not measure podcast downloads.
All podcast download analytics information can be found on the Analytics tab in your Transistor account.

There are no Google Analytics options for Enhanced Private podcasts.
Enhanced Private podcasts are not shared out publicly, so there is no web page traffic to measure on them.
All private podcast analytics can be found in the Analytics tab.

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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