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How to forward your Glow podcast feed - 301 Redirect

301 redirect from Glow

A 301 redirect from is not required. Usually when switching a public podcast to a new host you would need to redirect your RSS feed to point to your new hosting provider. However Glow provides membership based podcasts, we refer to these as Private Podcasts in Transistor.

Private podcasts do not need to be redirected. Subscribers cannot continue to use their RSS feeds and would need to use their Transistor private feed instead.

Here are some additional things you may want to do when migrating a member based podcast from to a Transistor private podcast:

Import your podcast

If you haven't imported your show yet, you should follow our Import Guide first.

With a private podcast, you would need to import your podcast into Transistor as a public podcast in the first instance. You can then reach out to our support on Live Chat or email for us to convert your podcast into a Private Podcast for you.

Transistor Support Email:

Export your analytics

It’s a good idea to export any analytics from at this point. Analytics do not transfer between hosts so it’s good to take a copy now for your own records.

Migrate your subscribers

Export a list of your current subscriber email addresses from Glow (or wherever you store your member information). You can then upload a CSV file of your subscriber email addresses in the Subscriber tab of your private podcast. Each subscriber will then receive their new private RSS feed by email.

Help subscribers to access their new private podcast feed

Once your Transistor private podcast is setup with episodes and subscribers, each subscriber will each have received their Welcome Email to the private podcast. Here's our guide on helping your subscribers access and listen to their new private podcast RSS feed:

Close your Glow account

After you have imported your podcast and moved your subscribers over to Transistor, you may want to reach out to to close your account with them. Support Details

Glow Support email:
Glow Contact page:
Glow Support docs:

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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