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How to forward your old podcast RSS feed

Once your show is imported in Transistor, go to the "Overview" tab and grab your new RSS feed URL:

How to find your RSS feed on Transistor

Next, go back to your old podcast host (Simplecast, Libsyn, etc) and forward your old feed to your new Transistor feed.

Forward your old Simplecast feed

Go to "Podcast settings" and scroll to the bottom until you see "Advanced settings." 

In the "RSS Feed Redirect" field, paste in your new Transistor feed URL.

Click "Save Changes."

This 301 redirect, will automatically forward anyone subscribed to the old RSS feed to your new one.

Forward your old Libsyn feed

Go to your Dashboard, and click on "Settings."
Click on "Redirects" in the left sidebar
Paste in your new Transistor feed URL in the "Feed Redirect URL" input box.
Click the save button
Libsyn will redirect your RSS feed permanently, even after you cancel your Libsyn account.

Forward your old PodBean feed

Log into your account and visit this URL:

Wait a few weeks, and delete your old hosting account

Once your show is imported, and iTunes, Overcast, Spotify, etc... are all pulling from your new podcast feed, you can delete your old account!

Note: after you've redirected your old RSS feed to your new Transistor feed, it's best to wait two weeks before you delete your old hosting account.

Updated on: 26/11/2021

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