If you're moving your podcast hosting from Substack to Transistor, you won't lose subscribers if you do a 301 redirect from your old Substack RSS feed to your new Transistor RSS feed.

Once a redirect is in place on your old RSS feed, it will automatically forward your existing subscribers to Transistor. They won't even know you've switched providers!

How to move your podcast away from Substack

To migrate your podcast away from Substack, follow these steps:

Import your podcast to new hosting account
Copy your new RSS feed URL
In Substack, click on the "Podcast" menu
Click on the "Settings" button
Scroll to the bottom and select "Redirect RSS feed" (under the "Migrate podcast" heading)

In Substack, going to the "Podcast" menu and then selecting "Settings" will bring you to this option (scroll to the bottom of the page to see it):

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