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How to use the Transistor podcast website builder

In 2022, we've released a brand new podcast website builder (and new website designs) on Transistor.

You can enable a website on every podcast you create on Transistor. Each site features:

A homepage that describes what the show is about, with the ability to listen to an episode.
Landing pages for each of your episodes, with full show notes.
An "About" page that describes your show in more detail, and introduces the hosts.
A "Subscribe" page that enables people to easily open your podcast in their favorite app.

Every time you publish a new episode to your podcast feed, your website will automatically update!

Now you can use the Transistor podcast website builder to add additional pages, links, and menu items.

If you want to create an "About," "Sponsors", or another page on your website, follow these steps:

Go to the "Website" option in the main menu
In the top navigation, click "Pages and Links"
Write in your title and page content (currently only supports HTML)
If you want it to appear in your website navigation, check the appropriate box
Click "Create page"

Updated on: 05/04/2022

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