What happens to my content if I stop paying my subscription?

You need to maintain an active subscription for your content to be hosted and for your RSS feeds to continue work.

I'm not adding any new episodes, can I cancel my subscription?

Your monthly subscription cost covers hosting your existing content and serving the episodes to listeners across all platforms. So you'll need to maintain a subscription to keep your show active.

What happens to my content if I stop paying?

You can cancel your account at any time directly at the bottom of your account page: https://dashboard.transistor.fm/account

Your content remains hosted with us until the end of your current billing period, either monthly or annually depending upon the plan you are on. Your shows and RSS feeds will stay active up to the billing end date. If you are unsure of your billing end date you can reach out on Live Chat or email to support@transistor.fm

We recommend you use the remaining time before your billing end date to:

Migrate your content
Enable any 301 redirects
Export a copy of your analytics
Download any episode mp3 files

What happens after the billing end date?

When the billing end date has been reached your feeds are disabled and your content is queued for deletion. Episodes will no longer play on podcast directories. Your podcast directory listings will become inactive over time if your RSS feed remains inactive.

If you wish for podcast directories to remove your listings immediately, you will need to reach out to specific platforms directly.

What happens if I wish to return to Transistor?

We'd love to help your return to Transistor!

If you're returning within a reasonable period of time, we'll do our best to restore any remaining content we can for you. However we can't retain content indefinitely for unpaid accounts, so we cannot guarantee show restoration will always be possible.

Please check with support@transistor.fm to see if we can restore any shows you hosted with us previously.

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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