If you've already submitted your podcast to Spotify, but it's not showing up in search results it can be frustrating.

It sometimes takes a while for newly submitted podcasts to appear in search before. Generally, they'll wait for you get a few listens / streams first.

The algorithm

Like most directories, Spotify uses an algorithm to power its search bar. 

For music, they will search Artists, Albums, and Song Titles.
For podcasts, they will search Podcast Title, Podcast Author, Podcast Description, and Episode Titles.

Keep in mind, a general search on Spotify will return a mix of music, user profiles, and podcasts:

How do I rank for certain keywords in Spotify search?

Let's say your show is called "The Real Estate Weekly Podcast" and you want to rank for the words "Real Estate."

In your initial search, you'll notice that the artist "Real Estate," will dominate everything above the fold:

Once you scroll down, you'll see four highlighted podcasts, and four podcast episodes. 

How do you get featured? 

It's hard to tell, but it's likely related to the number of streams a podcast has. Spotify might also show personalized results here, based on your listening history.

When you click through to see "all results," Spotify doesn't appear to show everything, but rather the top 40 results.

So if you've just submitted a new show, it's likely you won't appear in search until you've hit a certain benchmark of streams.
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