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Does Transistor support video podcasts?

Does Transistor support video podcasts?

Transistor currently only hosts audio podcasts.

However we do have a YouTube integration. Originally our YouTube integration simply pushed your audio episodes to YouTube with a static background image.

Now each episode in Transistor has a field that you can add your YouTube video link to. This allows your YouTube videos to appear on your Transistor podcast website and share pages.

Will Transistor ever add video podcast hosting in future?

We are always considering how video podcasts are evolving and it may be something we work on in future.

However as a small team, adding video hosting would be a significant change to our current product and pricing model. Specifically around encoding complexities, increased infrastructure requirements and content moderation.

At the moment our efforts are on integrating better with YouTube. As they already host video extremely well for free and are developing their podcasting side too.

We always welcome feedback on future features you'd like to see in Transistor. You can reach out to use on Live Chat and email at

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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