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How do I post my podcast to YouTube?

Transistor integrates with YouTube

You'll find the YouTube integration within your Transistor account, under the Integrations tab of your podcast.

First you'll need to agree to Transistor's YouTube API Privacy Policy

YouTube Integration

Then sign in with your Google/YouTube account to allow Transistor to automatically post new episodes to your YouTube channel when they're published. We'll convert your audio files to video files along with a static background image of your choice.

Transistor's YouTube API Privacy Policy

The Transistor YouTube API Client uses YouTube's API Services, specifically the YouTube Data API to programatically upload podcast episodes to your YouTube account. Usage is bound by the YouTube Terms of Service. (

Once your podcast is connected to YouTube, we store your secure access token in order to talk to the API. We access the YouTube API to list your YouTube playlists, as well as to post your podcast episodes to YouTube. We do not store any other information related to your YouTube or Google accounts. Information is not shared with any external parties.

Upon uploading to an episode to YouTube, we convert your audio file to a video file, upload the video to your YouTube channel or playlist, and store a URL to the YouTube video for use with your episode.

In addition to the Transistor YouTube API Client's normal procedure for deleting stored data if you disconnect from YouTube or delete your account, you may also revoke the API Client's access to your data via the Google security settings page. (

See also: Google Privacy Policy. (

For any questions or complaints regarding Transistor's YouTube API Client privacy practices, email

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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