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How do I add MP3 chapters to my podcast episode?

How to add chapters?

You have two ways to add chapter information into your podcast episode.

Before upload - You can embed chapters into your mp3 file using a third-party tool
After upload - You can embed chapters into your mp3 file using Transistor

Embedding chapters into your mp3 file - Third-party tools

You can use various third-party tools to embed chapters into your audio file, before uploading them to Transistor.

Forecast (Mac)
Chapters App (Mac)
Podreel (PC)
AAC Audiobook Creator (PC)

Here's an example of how to add chapters using Forecast:

Each chapter will have a title along with a start and end time. They can optionally include an external url and artwork for the chapter. Transistor will capture this chapter data from your audio file when you upload it.

After uploading your audio file with embedded chapters, select the option:

Use the chapters embedding in the audio file (if any)

Embedding chapters into your MP3 file - Using Transistor

Alternatively you can upload an mp3 file that doesn't contain any chapters and add them into the audio file using the Chapters feature inside Transistor.

After uploading your audio file without embedded chapters, select the option:

Create chapters manually

Enter in your chapter information into the Chapters box and be sure to save the episode.
The chapters will then be added into your audio file for you.

How to use chapters?

However you choose to add chapters to your audio file, you can quickly add a list of chapters into your Show Notes field just by using the {{ chapters }} tag.

Adding the Chapters tag into the Show Notes field

When this {{ chapters }} tag is saved into the Show Notes field of a podcast episode, it automatically pulls the chapters you have saved into your audio file and will display them on podcast apps and on your Transistor provided podcast website.

Chapters are displayed in your Show Notes field

How do chapters work alongside Campaigns and DAI?

If you're a business or professional subscriber and using Dynamic Ad Insertion the chapter times will be adjusted to match the current campaign.

Can I edit existing embedded chapters within Transistor?

It's not currently possible to edit chapters in Transistor, that were added your episode using a 3rd party tool. This maybe something we add in future.

How do chapters look in podcast apps?

Chapters in Apple Podcasts

Chapters in Overcast

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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