How do I transfer my entire Transistor account to a new owner?

Changing Account Ownership

When changing account ownership you have two options.

Transfer a specific podcast and its analytics to a different owner. (Recommended)
Transfer your entire account and all contents & billing details within it to someone else.

Transfer a specific podcast and its analytics to a different owner.

This is the best option and should be used in most situations. It allows you to retain your own Transistor account and select which contents are transferred to a new owner.

Here’s our full guide with a video - Transfer Ownership of a Podcast

Transferring Your Entire Transistor Account To A New Owner

This option should only be used when you want to hand off your entire Transistor account and all of the contents within it. Only in situations where the billing details will remain the same under the new owner.

For example: This works well in organizations where the current Transistor account owner is leaving the company and they are simply passing the entire account to a colleague.

Important: This option leaves the current billing details in place. Only use this option if you allow the new owner to keep using the existing card details.

To transfer the entire account:

Go to your account page
Change the email address & name associated with the account to the new owner
If the email address is not accepted, they may already have a Transistor account and cannot become the owner of a second account
Once the new owner email has been added, you can log out.
The new owner can then request a password reset to their email address and pick a new password

If you need any help with this process, please reach out to Transistor support on live chat or

Updated on: 04/04/2022

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