Transistor makes it easy to transfer ownership of a podcast from one Transistor account to another.

This is perfect for hosts on a podcast network who want to take their show independent. Or, maybe, you're doing a podcast with a friend, and they're going to start paying for the hosting.

Steps for transferring a podcast to another account:

Go into the Settings for the show you want to transfer.
Scroll to the bottom, and you'll notice a "Transfer Ownership" button (lower right-hand side).
Enter the email address of the person you want to transfer the podcast to.
Wait for the other person to receive the email.
Once they open the email and accept the transfer, the podcast will appear in their account.

The best part about this process: it transfers everything over:

The RSS feed will remain the same.
You won't have to change anything on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts or Spotify or resubmit or anything.
It will bring all of the historical podcast analytics over.
You will retain the existing subscribers, they won't need to resubscribe.
All of your team settings, all of your episodes; everything will be in their account.
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