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How do I remove my podcast from directories like Spotify and Apple Podcasts?

How to remove your podcast from podcast directories

You can delete your podcast from Transistor and podcast directories will eventually remove the listing from their directory, once they notice the RSS feed no longer exists. However this can take some time.

It is much quicker to remove the listings for Spotify and Apple Podcasts first, prior to deleting your podcast from Transistor.


You can reach out to us on Live Chat or on email We can send a request to Spotify to remove your podcast listing immediately.

Alternatively, if you have access to Spotify for Podcasters dashboard you can send a direct message to Spotify to ask they take your listing down.

Apple Podcasts

To remove your listing from Apple Podcasts:

Login to Apple Podcasts Connect
Select your show from your dashboard
Under More Actions click Archive Channel
Confirm you wish to archive your channel
Click Archive

Here's Apple's own guide on Archiving a show.

How to remove my podcast from Transistor

Once you have removed or archived your listings from Spotify and Apple, you can now delete your show and all of its associated data on Transistor.

The Account Owner needs to login to Transistor
Select the podcast you want to delete
Go to the Settings page
At the bottom of the page click Delete Show
Click the Delete my podcast button

Delete Show option

Once the show has been deleted, the RSS feed no longer exists. Directories will start to notice and will remove the show listing. Some directories may take longer than others. Any listings that are still accessible after several weeks, log a ticket directly with the podcast directory to remove the listing. Or you can reach out to us on Live Chat or by email

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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