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Submit your show to all the popular directories

Important: Before submitting your show to podcast directories you'll need to follow this guide: How to show my email address in my RSS feed?

It used to take forever to manually submit your podcast to all the listening apps and directories.

Now, Transistor has an easy way to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast players.

After submission, your new episodes will automatically be distributed to all the major platforms (including podcast search engines).

Not on Transistor?

If you're not on Transistor, you'll have to manually submit to iTunes, Google Play, using the links below:

Submit to iTunes / Apple Podcasts
Submit to Spotify
Submit to Google Podcasts
Submit to TuneIn
Submit to Pocket Casts
Submit to Castro
Submit to RadioPublic
Submit to Breaker Audio
Submit to Pandora
Submit to Himalaya
Submit to
Submit to The Podcast App
Submit to Castbox
Submit to Podcast Addict
Submit to Mixcloud
Submit to Anghami

These apps pull from the iTunes directory (you don't need to submit directly to them):


Updated on: 02/01/2024

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