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How to publish episodes from my RSS feed on YouTube?

How to publish episodes from your RSS feed on YouTube?

Please Note: YouTube RSS ingestion is only available in certain countries.

YouTube now lets you upload your podcasts using your RSS feed.

Connect your RSS Feed

In YouTube Studio, click Create
Click New Podcast
Select Submit RSS Feed
Check the Terms of Service box and click Accept
Click Next
Paste in your RSS Feed (Provided in Transistor on the Overview tab)

Verify Your Identify

Important: Before you do this step you will need to follow this Transistor support guide first: Show Your Email Address in your RSS Feed.

If you don't have access to Advanced Features, YouTube may now ask you to verify your identity.

Click Send Code
Check your email inbox for the code
Enter the verification code received by email into the box
Click Verify
Choose which episodes to upload e.g. All episodes, Future episodes etc
Click Save

Publish Episodes

After submitting your feed, YouTube will send you an email when your podcast is ready to be published. This may take a few days. You will need to complete these steps to publish your episodes:

In YouTube Studio, go to Content
Go to Podcasts
Under Video Count click Publish next to your podcast feed.

The Publish button will only appear when your podcast episodes have uploaded and are ready to publish. After you publish, your episodes will become public on YouTube. Episode details automatically update from your RSS feed, so make any changes in your RSS Feed.

How to Disconnect an RSS feed from YouTube

This will stop new episodes being uploaded.

In YouTube Studio, go to Content and then Podcasts.
Hover over the podcast you’d like to edit and click the pencil icon which is the Details Edit setting
Find your RSS feed link
Click Disconnect
Click Confirm

How can I learn more?

You can also learn more from YouTube's guides:
Publish of Disconnect Episodes from an RSS Feed
Uploading Podcasts from RSS Feeds to YouTube.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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