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How do I subscribe to a private podcast?

If you've received an invitation to an enhanced private podcast feed, you can easily add it to your favorite podcast player on your iPhone, Android device, Mac, or PC.

Step 1: Open the email on your preferred device

You should have received an email that looks like this:

Want to subscribe on your phone? Just open the email on your mobile device and we'll help you add the podcast to your favorite podcast player.

Here's a quick 60-second video tutorial:

Step 2: Add the private podcast to your favorite player

There are a variety of podcast listening apps that support private podcast feeds.

When you received your email, click on this button:

Next, you'll see a list of available options for your device:

Choose your preferred option, and it should open the podcast in the listening app you selected

Note: sometimes, you'll have to try a few times to get this to work!

Once you're subscribed, you'll automatically receive new episodes when they are published.

Don't have a podcast listening app installed on your phone?

If you haven't installed a podcast listening app yet, we recommend these:

These iOS podcast apps allow you to add private feeds:

Apple Podcasts
Pocket Casts

These Android podcast apps allow you to add private feeds:

Pocket Casts
Podcast Addict
Podcast Republic
Player FM (register for an account first)
Dog Catcher
Beyond Pod

These podcast apps don’t support private podcasts:

Podcast App
Podcast Guru

Want to start your own private podcast?

Check out our guide, How to create a private podcast and take a look at our private podcast features.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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