Are you currently hosting on Soundcloud?

You can easily import your podcast into Transistor!

Step 1: find your podcast's RSS feed in Soundcloud.

Now, we'll need to find your Soundcloud podcast's feed URL. 

Go to the Settings the menu
Click on the Content
Copy the RSS feed.

Step 2: switch to Transistor and add a new show

In the "My Shows" menu, click "Add show." You'll see a screen that looks like this:

Under "Import an Existing Show" choose "I'd rather use my RSS feed."

Paste in your Soundcloud feed URL.

Step 3: import your Soundcloud feed

Once you've pasted in your Soundcloud feed, click "Begin Import."

We'll import everything from Soundcloud:

All your show information
Your cover art
All of your audio files
All of your episode information

We'll notify you when your import is complete.

Step 4: wait while we import your show

Our system will import your feed into Transistor. Depending on the number of episodes you have, this could take awhile! We'll email you when it's done.

Step 5: success! Find your new RSS feed URL on Transistor

Once your show is imported, you'll be able to view your show on Transistor (with all of your previous episodes) plus grab your new RSS feed URL:

Step 6: Redirect your old SoundCloud feed to your new Transistor feed

In your SoundCloud account, input your Transistor feed in the “Subscriber Redirect” field.

Step 7: update your RSS feed URL on iTunes Podcast Connect

Log into your account on Apple's Podcast Connect

You're all done!

You might need to be patient while those changes propagate in iTunes.
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