You can easily transfer your podcast from Anchor to Transistor.

Once the import is complete, and you've updated Apple Podcasts, you'll be able to delete your old or Anchor account.

Step 1: Log into Transistor and click "Add show"

In the "My Shows" menu, click "Add show." You'll see a screen that looks like this:

You're going to be using the "Import an Existing Show" section.

Step 2: Log into Anchor

Now, we'll need to find your Anchor podcast's feed URL. 

Sign in to your Anchor account:

Step 3: Find your podcast's RSS feed in Anchor

Next, go to your Anchor podcast settings:

Scroll to the bottom, and click on the "Advanced" option. You'll see your RSS feed there. Select it and copy it.

Step 4: make your email the "owner" email

Anchor, frustratingly, puts their own email in as your podcast's admin contact.

You'll need to change it to personal email by going to:
Scroll down to "Advanced settings"
Check the box that says "Display personal email address publicly in RSS feed."

Step 5: Switch to Transistor and add a show

In the "My Shows" menu, click "Add show." You'll see a screen that looks like this:

Under "Import an Existing Show" choose "I'd rather use my RSS feed."

Paste in your Anchor feed URL.

Step 6: import your Anchor feed

Once you've pasted in your Anchor feed, click "Begin Import."

We'll import everything from Anchor:

All your show information
Your cover art
All of your audio files
All of your episode information

Step 7: forward (redirect) your old Anchor feed to Transistor

On Anchor, go back to your Podcast Distribution

Scroll down to "Advanced settings", to the Redirect URL section. Paste your new Transistor RSS feed URL in that box:

Step 8: update your Show Settings in Transistor

Now, go to your Show Settings in Transistor, and update the following:

Owner email

You'll want to change "Owner email" to your Apple Podcast Connect

You'll also want to update your feed on Spotify

Once Anchor initiates the forward, Apple will detect you as the new owner, and allow you to claim your show listing.

Step 9: you're done!

Once your show is imported, and iTunes, Overcast, Spotify, etc... are all pulling from your new podcast feed, you can delete your old Anchor account!

Note: after you've redirected your old RSS feed to your new Transistor feed, it's best to wait two weeks before you delete your old Anchor account.

Summary of the whole process:

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