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Importing your podcast from Blubrry or Powerpress (migration instructions)

You can easily transfer your podcast from Blubrry or Powerpress to Transistor.

Once the import is complete, and you've updated Apple Podcasts, you'll be able to cancel your old Blubrry account.

Step 1: Log into Transistor and click "Add show"

In the "My Shows" menu, click "Add show." You'll see a screen that looks like this:

Import an existing podcast into Transistor

You're going to be using the "Import an Existing Show" section.

Step 2: Search for your podcast

If your podcast is currently on Apple Podcasts, you can just search for it:

Find your podcast

If your show isn't on Apple Podcasts, click "I'd rather enter my RSS Feed directly" and paste in your podcast's RSS feed.

You'll be asked to verify your ownership (we'll send a verification email). Once verified, we'll start to import everything from Blubrry:

All your show information
Your cover art
All of your audio files
All of your episode information

Step 3: forward (redirect) your old Blubrry feed to Transistor

You'll need to contact Blubrry Support to get them to forward your old feed to your new Transistor feed:

Here's the email to send them:

Subject: Please forward (301 redirect) my Blubrry feed to Transistor
Body:* Hi,
I am now using Transistor for the [name of my podcast] podcast.
Can you please set up a 301 redirect from my old feed: [your old feed URL on Blubrry]
And forward it to my new feed: [your new Transistor feed URL]

If you are self-hosting using PowerPress, follow these instructions.

Step 4: update your RSS feed URL in Apple Podcast Connect

Log into your account on Apple's Podcast Connect

Step 5: update your RSS feed on Spotify

Log in to the Spotify Podcast Portal (
On the Dashboard, choose your podcast
Click on the "Settings" link in the menu
Click the "Update" button
Paste in your new RSS feed URL
Confirm your settings
Now Spotify will pull new podcast episodes from your new feed!

Watch this video

Step 6: you're done!

Once your show is imported, and Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, etc... are all pulling from your new podcast feed, you can delete your old Blubrry account!

Note: after you've redirected your old RSS feed to your new Transistor feed, it's best to wait two weeks before you delete your old Blubrry account.

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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