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How should I format my podcast's show notes?

Episode summaries have been phased out

Episode summaries are displayed inconsistently across podcast players. To simplify things and present your episode more consistently to listeners, we will use an abbreviated version of your episode's show notes in your feed. It will display in places like your episode list in Apple Podcasts.

The summary field has been removed from the episode settings page. On older episodes with a summary, it will still be available in the form and will still show up in the places it did previously. We encourage you to remove it and rely on your show notes, but it will continue to function as it does now.

What type of formatting works in "Show Notes?"

The only formatting that will work consistently is:

Bold or italic

Can I put images in my episode's show notes?

You can't upload an image in your show notes on Transistor. The reason is that embedded images will be discarded by almost all podcast listening apps.

Here's an example of how images look in three of the most popular podcast players (Overcast, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify):

How come my podcast's show notes don't show up in Apple Podcasts?

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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