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What accessibility features does Transistor have?

What accessibility needs does Transistor consider?

At Transistor we work to be an accessible and inclusive platform, helping both podcast creators and podcast listeners alike. We consider a wide range of accessibility needs as part of our products. These include (but are not limited to) visual, audio, physical, neurological, technological and linguistic accessibility needs. We also work to make our customer support accessible in a number of ways too.

What accessibility features does Transistor have?

Our embed players and podcast websites are customisable to use high contrast color palettes
Our embed players can be controlled by keyboard navigation
Transistor uses labels and descriptive links for interactive elements
Our podcast websites allow for theme selection and custom CSS
Our podcast websites respect native browser text resizing
We support the addition of podcast transcripts in the 4 main formats .txt, .srt, .vtt and .json
We allow adding of Show Notes for linking to additional written and visual resources
We allow the addition of a YouTube video link to accompany the audio hosted on Transistor
We support chapters and timestamps for easy navigation
We allow embedded images to support visual representation of audio content
Autoplay is off on our embeds and podcast websites, the visitor chooses when content plays
Our podcast website themes are available in 10 languages.
Our support software supports written and audio messages
Our support software can translate support requests and replies into 50+ languages.
We conduct accessibility audits and make improvements according to best practices

How to contact Transistor about accessibility?

We welcome feedback on how we can continue to make Transistor more accessible. For any questions about Transistor you can contact us in these ways:

By email to:
By Live Chat on:

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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