Campaigns and Dynamic Audio Insertion (DAI)

Pro plans and above include the ability to create and manage campaigns. Campaigns provide a simple way to insert audio (ads or otherwise) and include dynamic show notes for all your episodes. To get started visit the Campaign tab of your podcast where you can add dynamic notes, upload audio snippets, and create a campaign.

Every episode is unique, and you'll need to decide where your mid-rolls go if you want to add any. To add mid-roll locations to an episode:

Go to your "Episodes" menu
Click on an episode to edit it
Click "Ad locations" in the top navigation
Listen to your episode and find the spot(s) where you'd like your mid-rolls to appear
Click the "+" icon to add the desired timestamp

You can add as many mid-rolls as you'd like, and preview how it'll sound when an ad is inserted.

Mid-roll ad locations

After you've created your mid-roll insertion points in your episodes, you can enable a mid-roll campaign:

Go to your "Campaign" menu
Choose an existing campaign (or create a new one)
Select the ad you'd like to run in the mid-roll slot(s)

Mid-roll podcast campaign

Don't worry if your campaign has more/less mid-roll ads than an episode. When the campaign is applied it will try and fill the spots that it can and happily move on when it's filled all the ad locations or run out of ads. You'll also be able to update an episode's ad locations later and you'll be prompted to re-process the audio with your new setup.

If you're on the Starter plan and would like to upgrade to use this feature, you can do that directly in your account here!

This feature is brand new and we've got a lot more bells and whistles coming. Let us know if you'd like some help or share your thoughts on Live Chat or via email
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