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Can't log in or submit to Apple Podcasts

Important: Before submitting your show to podcast directories you'll need to follow this guide: How to show my email address in my RSS feed?

If you're having trouble logging into Apple Podcasts Connect, there are two common problems:

When you try to log in, it just redirects you to the login page. (And you get caught in a redirect loop).
When you try to log in, it gives you an error saying "We can't process your request."

Most often, the problem is that Apple doesn't recognize your Apple ID on your desktop, or in your browser. 

Your Apple ID must first be enabled on Apple Music before you sign in to Podcasts Connect.

How to fix the Podcasts Connect redirect loop problem:

Enable your Apple ID in Apple Music (mobile or desktop).

Open Apple Music on your Mac or iPhone. Go to Accounts and sign out.
Sign back in with your Apple ID and fill out the details it will ask you. (You shouldn't have to to put a credit card number in, although sometimes that works).
Re-open Podcasts Connect and log in.

Submitting and managing a podcast on Apple Podcasts is free, but sometimes you'll need payment information on your Apple ID for it to work properly.

If you're on a PC or a Mac, you can do this on the web:

To go to the Apple ID account page, go here: View Apple ID
Sign in with your Apple ID. (You might have to answer security questions)
In the Payment & Shipping section, select Edit.
Update your payment information.
Select Save.

Go back to Apple Podcast Connect and log in

After completing that step, try to access Podcast Connect

If this doesn't work for you, you'll need to contact Apple Podcast Support directly.

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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