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Can't upload file: "I'm getting an error when I add my audio."

Here are some troubleshooting steps to resolve common errors when trying to upload audio files.

Start a new session

If you've had the upload page open for a while, your session may have timed out.

Start by closing all Transistor tabs in your browser. Log back in to Transistor and re-try the upload again.

Test your connection

If you have a large file uploading over wifi, the upload may stop if your Internet connection drops out.

You could identify this by testing a smaller file upload to see if it completes. Or testing on a another device with a different Internet connection

Check your audio file

If there has been any issues with exporting your audio file, or the audio is corrupt in some way it won't accept it as a valid file within the app.

Check your audio file has exported correctly by checking it plays as expected before uploading it to Transistor.

Change the file name

Occasionally uploads can break if your filename is very long or if it has any special characters in it like / ? ! * _ etc

Rename your audio file to something simple e.g. episode10.mp3 and re-try the upload again.

Update: We have released a fix for this so this should no longer cause an issue.

Check the file format

If you are uploading audio files check your files have the correct file extension and are not an unknown file type.

Transistor accepts AAC, WAV and MP3 audio formats (MP3 is preferred)

Check the file type

The audio upload box and podcast artwork boxes are next to each other in the interface.

Check that you are trying to upload an audio file using the audio uploader.

You will get an error if you try to upload an audio file to the image uploader and vice versa.

Check the file size

Your audio upload may timeout if the file size is too large.

We recommend that your audio files are kept under 200MB in size.

Updated on: 24/03/2021

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