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How do I embed my podcast?

Looking to customize the colors of your embeds? View our guide on Embed Player Color Customization

If you host your own website, we have three ways you can embed your podcast episodes.

Single Episode
Most Recent Episode
Multi-Episode (whole podcast feed)

You embed these in your website by copying and pasting the supplied iFrame (inline frame) code into your HTML.

Embed a single episode

You can also manually embed any of your published episodes.

Go to the "Episodes" page, and click the ... icon (three dots) on the right of the episode you'd like to embed:

Once the modal window opens, click the "copy" icon to copy the embed code.

Multi-Episode player and Most Recent Episode player

You can embed your whole podcast feed on your website, or embed your latest episode.

Embeddable player

To access the multi-episode player (or to embed your most recent episode), go to the "Episodes" page, and then click the "Embeds" dropdown in the upper-right:

How do you embed on your website

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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