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How do I embed my podcast in WordPress?

Here's how to insert your podcast episode inside of a WordPress post or page, in the Gutenberg block editor.

Prepare your post or page in WordPress

Get your post ready. On a separate line create a new block, and search for "Custom HTML."

Search for the "Custom HTML" block

Next, get your podcast embed code

In Transistor, go to the Episodes tab.
Find the episode you'd like to embed in your episodes list.
Click the ... icon (three dots) at the end of the row, on the episode you'd like to embed.
Now, click on Embed for the episode you'd like to embed.
Copy the embed code for that episode.

Paste your embed code into WordPress

Once you've copied the embed code, head back to your WordPress editor.

Choose the "Custom HTML" block, and paste your Transistor embed code in there:

Paste the embed

Now, when you preview your WordPress post (or page) you'll see the embedded player!

Troubleshooting iFrames and Wordpress' Gutenberg editor

If this isn't working for you, it's likely that your WordPress user doesn't have the correct permissions for unfiltered_html. By default:

On multisite installations, only Super Admins have the required unfiltered_html capability for iFrame embeds.
On regular single site installations, only Admins and Editors have the ability to embed iFrames.

Some WordPress users are able to circumvent these issues, by installing the Advanced iFrame plugin.

Other plugins you can use

You can also connect these plugins to your Transistor feed, and use their player:

How to automatically cross-post your podcast into WordPress

If you're looking for an automated way to have your podcast show up on WordPress as blog posts, you can use Podcast Importer:

Download the WordPress plugin

(This plugin is provided by a 3rd party)

Updated on: 27/03/2021

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